Bandwidth Limiting per port on SG-7100

  • Anyone know of a way to do bandwidth limiting within a switch on pfSense? I have two ports on one VLAN on my SG-7100 and I want to limit the bandwidth on one port. I am not really seeing a way to do this based on port alone.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    With that hardware acting as a switch, pfSense only sees the uplink interface, not the individual ports. So it can't shape per port because pfSense doesn't know the port exists at that level. You could go by IP address, but not physical connection.

    Alternately, configure those ports as separate networks on their own VLAN and shape them that way.

  • So I was playing around with putting the ports into separate VLANS and then bridging those interfaces. I then put a limiter on an all all firewall rule on the port and that appears to work. Can you think of any major drawbacks of this? I realize that this will lower the throughput of the interfaces but through the testing I have done so far it doesn't seem to lower it below what I need.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I suppose it might work. It's really, really, ugly and I wouldn't encourage it, but if it works, nobody is stopping you from doing it.

  • I agree that it is ugly and is not by any means my preferred method but It appears that it might be my only choice in this particular scenario. Thank you for your insight.

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