uhub3: detached error hangs pfSense 2.4.4 on restart

  • We have a bunch of Dell Optiplexs that are running pfSense. If we upgrade them to 2.4.4, they seem to work good. We can shut them down and start them up, but if we try do a reboot from within pfSense then they display only this error below and hang, then need manually shut off then turned back on.

    uhub3: detached

    We have tried disabling the USB in the BIOS, upgrading, installing new, and praying, but can't seem to get the software reboot to work.

  • @canadianllama Looks like we may have fixed it, we did a BIOS update, turned off legacy for the HDD in BIOS (switched it to the other option UHDI or whatever its called) . Fresh install, loaded in our backup and BAM bobs your uncle, software reboot is working.

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