Is there any package that will continuously ping servers, routers, etc and email/text if something goes down?

  • Hi all,
    pfSense has an excellent packaging system, but I can't find any solution to using pfSense to ping every so many seconds to see if a critical networking gear is up and if it's down to text or page me. Any thoughts on how to do this? Thanks in advance

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    It's simple: If you want to monitor your network get network monitoring software, pfSense is a firewall.

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    Agree with Grimson, I personally use Smokeping in some Debian VM to monitor all Systems.


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    ^ exactly ;)

    I like domotz, it can pop up a message on your phone when something goes down or even comes up on your network... For example I get notified when my son stops by the house since his phone joins my wifi network.

    There are plenty of tools for this sort of thing.. Smokeping comes to mind, or prtg, etc. None of that is really what pfsense is designed too to do.. It will let you know if one of your gateways go down ;)

  • I use Zabbix for all that. pfSense has a zabbix-agent package.

  • OpenNMS is easy to install and set up on a CentOS image. I use it all the time. If you set up SNMP on all of your devices, you'll get a lot of good data from it.

    Any open source NMS package will do this, a few have been mentioned already on this thread. OpenNMS will also pull some fantastic metrics from pfSense once you set up SNMP on it.

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