Fatal error with php-fpm

  • I have an error with php-fpm which apparently appeared out of the blue. I am running pfSense virtualized to secure some VMs in a proxmox environment. I have noticed that i couldn't reach any of the VMs, so i restarted pfSense. After a reboot i got this error:

    Wed Nov 28 11:52:21 2018 (443): Fatal Error Zend OPcache cannot allocate buffer for interned strings.
    fcgicli: Could not connect to server(/var/run/php-fpm.socket)

    This error also appears on nearly every option i can select in the CLI menu. Fortunately i could still spawn a shell. However, the pfSense seems to have no network connectivity. ifconfig shows the interfaces as active, but the WAN interface which should receive it's IP address via DHCP shows no IP address at all.

    So, currently i am stuck. I am not very used to BSD, but to network configuration in general. The troubleshooting documentation is not really covering my problem, so i was hoping you have an idea.

  • Netgate Administrator

    What pfSense version is that?

    If it's not current I would backup the config, reinstall to 2.4.4 and restore the config.

    I would guess there is some corrupt file causing that which might be resolvable by booting into single user mode and running fsck a few times but since it's a VM reinstalling is trivial.


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