SG-3100 LAGG

  • How does it work ?
    Nothing in the documentation about it, interfaces doesn't appear in the menu lagg and the messages in this forum and everywhere else mention a menu that doesnt exist anymore: (previous version of Pfsense I guess)
    The command line command in the above topic doesn't seem to work anymore.

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    What are you seeing?

    What are you trying to do?

  • Hi.

    I want to use the 1st and 2nd port of the switch as a single lagg interface.
    For the moment I use the 2nd port as a ''backup'' of the 1st one (simply by plugging them on the same lan, with STP capable switches).
    Is there a way to do real LAGG? (the screenshot in the mentioned thread confuses me because I don't have a LAGGs menu in the Interface-->Switch section (pfSense 2.4.4)) Or is it the only way to have a backup link on my lan side ?

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    What you do is set two ports to the same VLAN configuration then, on the Interfaces > Switches, Ports tab you can click on the LAGG on each port and set an unused ID, Such as 1 on the LAGG ports.

    Note that this is a Loadbalance type lagg, not LACP, etc.

  • ok, thanks for your answer.
    It's what I tried, but when I do that my pings stop and never recover. Is it a normal behavior with a loadbalance lagg ? (I've only used LACP on xg-7100 for the moment, with two real physical iface)?
    Does this have something to do with the sg-3100 having only one mac address for the 4 switched ports ?

  • Netgate

    A layer 2 lagg should not care about MAC addresses.

    You have to be sure you're connecting it to a switch in a compatible configuration.