Connection limits / Wireless considerations

  • I just set up the Traffic Shaper using pfSense easy Wizard and changed the ACK to 10% as suggested on this forum, and it's working great.
    Are there any special adjustments I should make if I'm only using Traffic Shaper solely on Wireless traffic?
    Also, How do I set a connection limit maximum of 40 outgoing and 40 incoming for each individual IP address within a specified IP range?  Plus, reserve 8 of the 40 connections for web browser only.  Although I have a global upload limit of 1.5Mbps, I want to set the upload limit per IP to 400kbps.  (I'm using several Class-B's so I hope I don't have to create a rule for every single IP within the range).
    Thank you,

  • Unfortunately creating a rules/queues for every single client is the only way it can be done right now with pfSenses shaper if you want to shape per IP.
    Concerning the wireless special settings I would do some throughput tests to know what limits you should set for the root queues and maybe be a bit conservative substracting a bunch of kbit/s from what you get to end up with good quality. The connection limit can be done with the advanced options of firewall rules. Just edit a rule and you find them in the middle of the page.

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