Quick question about SG-5100 M.2 SATA Installation

  • Hi all,
    I received my brand new SG-5100 today. I wanted to install a M.2 SATA in it, so I opened it up. Now, I am confused about something: This slot does not look like the 2242 M2 connector, it looks more like the older mini-pci SSDs (18+8 pins). Is this the right spot for the M2 installation? In older posts, others seems to have gone with the 2242 without a problem. Thanks...!!!!!

    0_1543568374643_IMG_3616 (2).jpg

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    That looks to be the MiniPCI slot, the M2 slot is located on the side of the board (keep the RAM module pointed away from you, it's to the left).

    Hope that helps.

  • @chrismacmahon
    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for answering. Do you mean on the other side of the board where the CPU socket is? I didn't want to unscrew the board before being 100% sure, as the cpu seems to be connected to the base plate (heat sink) .. Other than that I only see a Serial ATA and a 4 pin power connector on this side. What is this MiniPCI slot for then?!0_1543599399179_IMG_3620.jpg

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    If you look on the left side of that image you will see a BLACK bar next to the second post down. You should see just above it in white letters M2_1, that is where you put the M2 disk drive in.

    We have not tested adding a mSATA drive to the SG-5100.

  • @chrismacmahon Got it. The M2 opening is so narrow the thought never crossed my mind that could be a connector base. But that looks to me to be a 2280 form factor as opposed to 2242. So, something like a Samsung 970 NVMe should work. Am I right?

    Thanks for helping me out. I'll be out of your hair as soon as I know what I have to order and where it goes. I promise.

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    Not a bother at all. There was a thread a while ago on this:

    That should help you out.

  • @chrismacmahon
    Actually it didn't. I went through that thread last night and read it line by line before posting a new topic. 2242s seem to have 3 prongs whereas this slot has two openings (which would fit a 2280, but apparently doesn't support 2280s). So, from what I gathered from the other thread I am going to be on a mission to search for a special deprecated type of SATA III M.2s that are next to impossible to find. Alternatively, I could resort to installing a conventional ssd - about which you previously mentioned that its kind has not been tested on this board. Now, I have officially found myself in a conundrum.

    EDIT: I actually take that back! You specifically mentioned that you have not tested any mSATA boards. My apologies.

    So what would happen if I add a mSATA? pfSense would not pick it up? The system might go into a kernel panic?! Nothing!?

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    Depends on what you put in. It SHOULD be like any other install, however you will have heat of the unit to contend with.

    As jimp said in the other thread:

    @jimp said in SG-5100 package contents mystery:

    I don't think we have any tests or numbers for that. It likely depends on your ambient temperature and workload.

  • Good to know. Thank you so much. I am gonna pursue the matter on the other thread. As for what I wanted to know initially, you answered me beautifully. All the best.

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