"Allow default gateway switching" has no effect [2.1.5]

  • (disclaimer: I know that 2.1.5 is a long unsupported version, however at this moment I have no other option)

    • a pfsense box with 1 WAN interface ( connected to a switch
    • 2 DSL lines (2 modems: and connected to the same switch
    • 2 gateways set on the pfsense box: (default gw) and (considered as backup) - both through the WAN interface
    • .139 has monitoring turned on, .138 is considered always up

    I enabled "Allow default gateway switching" under System - Advanced - Miscellaneous.

    When I unplug .139 from the switch, the gateway is shown as offline, but traffic is not redirected to .138.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Petr, CZ

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Having two gateways on the same interface isn't going to work that way. Each WAN needs to be on a separate interface or VLAN in a unique subnet.

    And there were tons of problems with default gateway switching back then, you need to upgrade.

  • Thanks for confirmation of what I feared! :)

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