Unable to get internet access on my LAN

  • I'm trying to get internet access on my Virtual Machine using pfsense.

    PFSense VM configuration:

    WAN => Bridged adapter to my wifi, with a DHCP address (192.168.x.x network)
    LAN => Internal virtualbox network (With the IP

    Virtual Machine that I want internet on:
    1 NIC => /24 internal network (same as lan on the pfsense machine)

    I can ping between both machines but the internet just refuses to work. Any ideas?

  • Netgate Administrator

    What WAN IP is pfSense getting (if it is getting one)?

    It must be in a different subnet to the LAN or routing will break.

    If it does have an IP and it's in a different subnet try to ping out from the pfSense console. Try to ping an IP like Try to ping an named host like google.com. What errors do you see if those fail?


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