PfSense and ICMP redirect, static route

  • Hi!

    I have LAN: / 24
    default gateway for All PCs is pfsense which is on

    Now i have new network / 24 , which is connected to PC which have IP: in LAN

    How can i set on pfsense that  destionation network: /24 is on LAN interface with gateway ,

    so when PC ( asks pfsense ( where is PC2 (, pfsense should send ICMP redirect so packet should gone to other gateway which is

    Kerio WinRoute firewall, and other routing software can do this, but I don't see that option in pfsense, is it possible to do that? (add static route to other PC in LAN)

  • I think this is what you are looking for:
    System -> Static Routes

  • ahaaa there it is :)

    thank you :)

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