accf_ and cc_ kernel modules and drivers

  • All,

    Trying to determine if conversion from freebsd + pf with a significant number of custom applications and integrations can be translated into pfsense. As part of this, noticed that various kernel modules aren't present. Are they missing because they've been statically compiled into the kernel ("sysctl -a" tells another story)? Some of those include the accf_ and cc_ modules. In terms of the cc_ ones, looking for htcp and/or cdg. Given that the "INCLUDE_CONFIG_FILE" directive was not used when the kernel was compiled, it's hard to tell what is present to work with. Would have really appreciated that kernel directive being present and then something under the diagnostics or system panels that provide a nice clear, concise listing. For example, standard NIC is Myricom and can't tell if the appropriate drivers are included.


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