• Hello,

    I have a setup with 2 EXSi host.
    I have servers installed on EXSi host 1 with PFSense installed and configured.
    Wan : (static)
    Lan : (virtual)
    everything working perfectly.

    Been trying to add Exsi host 2 to Virtual lan on Host 1 (bridge etc.)
    Host 2 has vm of OS such as windows 10 and windows 7.

    Want the Virtual lan from Host 1 to extend to Host 2 VMs.

    Have 2 nic in each host.
    Host 1 : nic 1 = Wan
    Virtual Lan
    nic 2 - connect to nic 2 of Host 2.

    Host 2 : nic 1 = Wan
    nic 2 - connect to nic 2 of Host 1.

    How would I proceed to have vms from Host 2 on the same lan subnet as Host 1 servers.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Looking at this I would initially say you should be solving this at the hypervisor level. Perhaps by configuring the hosts as a cluster. That avoids this issue and makes the setup far more flexible.


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