Info on my configuration

  • Hello everybody, I would like to use pfSense as my own router but I am still in trouble deciding which hardware I want to use. I will start saying that my ISP wan connection will be a fiber optic (with RJ45 NTU) 500Mbit/500Mbit up/down.

    The router will mostly be used for an OpenVPN connection, since I do travel a lot and I would like to be able to access my home connection as fast as possible.

    Now, I am planning to buy a 1U chassis to fit the router in my home rack system, but from what I can see most of them fits only ITX motherboard. At home I have available the following hardware:

    • MSI H110M ECO H110 uATX
    • Intel Core i5-7500
    • 16GB ram corsair LP DDR4 (Sadly the motherboard does not support ECC modules)
    • SSD 32GB Kingstone

    What do you guys suggest me to do, buy an ITX mobo and use the i5 or go for something else?

    Hope someone else can help me out, thank you!

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    @warofdevil said in Info on my configuration:


    The i5 is a solid choice if OpenVPN throughput is your priority here. It has good single thread performance.

    If you don't need the full 500Mbps of encrypted traffic then it's probably overpowered.


  • Thanks a lot for the clarification Steve :)