How to up Interface in Pfsense

  • Hi guys,
    now, i have a problem with interfaces in Pfsense 2.4.4 which i just have established.
    It has 4 interfaces valid : igb0, igb1..
    I setup igb0 for Wan, igb1 for lan. But Pfsense show me that only igb0 up, others down.
    Can anyone help solve this problem?... Many thanks.!!

  • Hi,

    What about hooking up a Ethernet cable to the real igb1 interface, this cable should be connected to a switch or another device that is "up" on the other side.
    Try all the ports ...
    And do use several cables - cables can go bad.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes, almost certainly what you think is igb1 is not actually that port.

    Make sure it shows a link LED on the NIC.

    Run at the console ifconfig to see which NICs actually show as active.


  • Even better : access the console !
    If memory serves me well, a Link Up (and down) event is signaled as soon as you hook up a cable - and unhook.
    It will mention which interface it is.

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