Best practices for upgrading

  • I am updating my home firewall from a HP DL360 G5 to an HP DL360 G8, what are the best practices for migrating from the old hardware to the new hardware. I have searched and I cannot find any specific guidance for this.

  • Hi,

    I don't know what an "HP DL360 G5 or an HP DL360 G8" is, but if it runs pfSense :
    Install pfSense on the more recent hardware, and import the settings from the old setup.
    If NIC's are using other drivers, you might delete the interface section in the config backup file before importing.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Since you are replacing hardware, you have the luxury of being able to restore the configuration to the new unit on the test bench and being sure everything looks good.

  • When importing/restoring the config file it should ask you to set up the new interfaces. Or you can edit the XML file before restoring. The restore will install any packages it needs.

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