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  • Hello all was wondering if it was normal for the web interface to not load when the system is under high load. Also for some reason say if I unplug the ethernet cable from the modem or if the internet goes down, the unbound service pegs the CPU to 100% making the web interface not load and when it does it's extremely slow ans sometimes times out until I plug it back in or if the internet comes back. Pretty much whenever the CPU usage hits 100% it lags out the web interface.

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    This concerns the main web GUI page ( Status > Dashboard ) and also happens when go do directly to another page like Status > Services ??

    The Dashboard page will try t regularly reload dynamically information that is available on the Internet only, so you ripping out cables won't help here.
    I removed my WAN cable, and saw a little spike in the CPU usage bar. I consider that normal, as many scripts are being called when an "Interface down" message is being handled. Need to know far more about your setup what your system might be doing at that moment.

  • I see, what happens is that when I put in the IP to get into the web interface. It takes a really long time for it to show up the login page and when I do finally manage to get in, the traffic graph and CPU usage bar won't update. After a while of waiting I managed to get into the command prompt and typing in top shows that the unbound service using the entire CPU. It's fine now but it doesn't always happen when the internet goes down, sometimes it just happens randomly, the internet will still work but I just can't access the web interface. The packages that I have are bandwidthd, lightsquid, ntopng, pfblockerng, squid, and suricata (not turned on) and also all traffic is going through a VPN.

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  • Ah I see, thanks!

  • I have this same issue and am using 2.4.4p1. Was just installing a couple pfsense routers yesterday and ran into this.

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