Error on adding a second static route for failover on LAN

  • I have a setup nework diagrams with a pfsense, this pf have is the edge of the network and have 2 Wans doing load balancing correctly, and also have 2 other routers attached to LAN interface (, with gateways (GWL1) and (GWL2) , those routers have to the internal Network

    I can add a static route using to using GWL1 but when i try to add the same destination using GWL2 I got the error:

    The following input errors were detected:
    A route to these destination networks already exists:

    When adding static route i have not an option to set the metric, son on the lan Part i cant not failove if one of the routers fails.
    so how to setup a metric on the second static route so i can do fail over on the trafic back to the internal network?
    my net

  • Add a gateway group and add both routers. Give GWL1 Tier1 priority and GWL2 Tier2 and set the trigger level for failover.

  • I tried that but when a go to Routing > static routes, and select the gateway options, the gateway group i have created with the two routers does not appear on the list. I have pfsense version 2.4.3.

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