When I reboot the router or power is down in the suburb (city) the communication stops.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm not an experienced person, and new to openVPN.

    But I have been asked to solve a problem about the connection by my manager. The connection is set up by someone else.

    So, the set up is that we are using pfsense as server and two Sierra routers as clients. and the both communicates to each other through VPN 1 (router1 to pfsense) and VPN 2 (pfsense to router 2). Routers are remote sites router 1 connected with PLC and router 2 is connected with I/O module.

    And, the problem is that when power is down in the city or suburb, the router goes down and communication through whole network stops about for 5 minutes.


    when we reboot the router, the communication stops about for 5 minutes, which we can't afford.

    Can anyone please help me that how this problem can be solved? thanks

  • @amandeep92 Get a ups with enough battery capacity so the router won't go down immediately.
    and don't reboot the router. Routers are not windows pc's and they rarely need a reboot.
    Apart from that, you need professional help, since you have special needs.

  • sorry I mentioned wrong way, we don't reboot the router, it reboot itself unnecessarily which should not happen as I know.

  • And the connection is set up by someone professional years ago, but we are just looking for the reason that why router reboot by itself so often. For reference, the connection when down on 29 nov and 3 dec 2018. and on 23 Nov it was down for 6 times.

  • @amandeep92 If the power is cut, what would you expect?
    And a system setup years ago, does require some maintenance and upgrade.
    I insist.
    You need professional help

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