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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to connect a Netgate SG-8860 or similar device to a cisco console server? What i want to try is using a USB A to Mini B F/M cable and then connect that to a usb to rj45 cable. From there run the normal
    copper cable to a patch panel port that the console connection is plugged into on the other side. Hopefully that makes sense

    pfsense console port--->usb A to mini B F/M cable-->usb to rj45 cable->patch panel port side A-->patch panel port side B -->octal cable to cisco server

    Goal: connect to netgate console through the cisco console server

  • Netgate Administrator

    It looks like you have the USB parts connected incorrectly there. The USB console connection in the 8860 is the device end it must connect to a USB host. You would need something active in the middle to connect both that and the USB-RJ45 cable to and bridge the serial connections. It looks like you're just trying to connect them together which won't work.
    What console server are you using exactly? A lot have USB connectivity now.


  • Cisco 2901

    It has 2 usb ports but i think those arent for console. I guess its just not possible. Wish it had an RJ45 console connection.

  • Netgate Administrator

    @joelt said in Console access:

    Cisco 2901

    That's what you're using as a console server?
    That has USB ports does it recognise the 8860 console port?
    It also had usb console exactly like the 8860, though it probably uses a different usb/serial IC.


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