Netgate XG-1537 Factory Reboot button?

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a Netgate XG-1537 as a backup for our XG-2758.

    I usually do a system backup and restore when configuring and it worked just fine this time. I powered down the unit and attempted to power it on to set something up and cannot access the web GUI or ping the default IP ( when connected via a CAT6, the lights above the RJ45 input is orange / yellow

    I can get to the factory boot option 0_1543950160621_d0f08b01-3779-4efa-a026-265c93922663-image.png

    But am unsure as to how/why I have to load pfsense on to a USB stick and reboot from there.

    I have not installed any 3rd party apps, we used OpenVPN and a site to site VPN but no crazy packages or anything.

    I have a VGA cable and can get to the screen above, but am wondering what the easiest method is to factory reset this device so that I can reconfigure?

    There is a "reset" button on the front of the device but as soon as it is pushed it seems to reboot the device.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    There is no factory default button on the XG-1537.

    It is a hardware reset button.

    To factory default you can use Diagnostics > Factory Defaults in the web gui, boot to the console menu and use menu option 4, or boot from a USB installer and completely reinstall from that.

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