PFSense Crash report

  • I had an issue with my PFsense box where all of a sudden I could not login, or access the internet. I manually rebooted the box, and then it was boot looping. I found a command that helped get it going again. When I logged back into the box via the webui, I saw there was this crash report. I would like to submit it if this is a bug, and I would like to know what it means?1_1543951078119_info.0 0_1543951078119_textdump.tar.0

  • Netgate Administrator

    Panic String: ufs_dirbad: /: bad dir ino 3611520 at offset 1024: mangled entry

    It's filesystem damage of some kind causing the kernel panic at boot. Not a bug as such.

    Usually that only happens if you lose power during a filesystem write and it is damaged sufficiently it cannot remover itself.

    I imagine you ran fsck from single user mode and it recovered.


  • @stephenw10 Thanks steave! Yeah I used /sbin/fsck -y -t ufs /. That seemed to fix it. Now another time it seemed like all my settings in the box erased. I was able to setup the interfaces again myself, but then all the configurations were gone. Even the open port for internet access. I just did a factory reset and that seemed to fix it. I was just wondering what would cause that?

  • You didn't indicate if your manual shutdown was graceful or just you powering it off.

    If graceful then you may have a bad disk on your hands. Bad i/o might have caused your original problem where you had to manually intervene.

    If dirty shutdown then you were unlucky and managed to corrupt ufs, which isn't uncommon for dirty shutdowns. Have a good config backup (Diagnostics - Backup & Restore) for just such an emergency.

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