• Hi everyone,

    Im trying to setup squid to use the COSS storage type rather than diskd, aufs, etc..

    I currently have the squid 3.0 package installed. Is it possible with squid 3.0 in pfsense? The output of squid -v shows the configure option of –enable-storeio=ufs diskd null aufs coss, though the selection in the cache management only shows ufs, diskd, aufs.

  • The coss-support ist broken in squid-3:


    you shouldn't use it!
    For freebsd the best option is 'diskd'.

  • Use only if your disk can't handle such very very  busy small content. coss is deffirent from other cache so you cant replace aufs with coss. /cache0/coss is a file not a directory like the others. cache_swap_log will be your new swapt.state for all your cache_dir . All swap.state stays but will not be used when enabling coss. Upon starting coss will always rebuild. Enabling coss will also rebuild all your cache.

    custom configuration:

    cache_dir coss /cache0/coss 1024 block-size-512 max-size=10240;
    cache_swap_log /cache0/cache_swap_log;
    cache_dir aufs /cache1 19092 16 256 min-size=10240