Ipv6 setup for Telus

  • I have tried to get ipv6 working with pfsense and have had no luck .I am running pfsense from the bridged port 1 on the telus router .

  • This is what worked for me:

    1. Navigate to Interfaces -> WAN
    2. IPv6 configuration should be DHCPv6
    3. Under the DHCP6 config, select “Request only an IPv6 prefix”, prefix size 56, “Do not wait for a RA”, and “Do not allow PD/Address release”.
    4. Under the DHCP config, select advanced configuration and add “supersede dhcp-lease-time 1800;” under Option modifiers. I found this necessary to keep the IPv6 prefix working for longer than a few hours.
    5. Under your LAN interface, select track interface for IPv6, and pick a prefix ID of 0. Other interfaces can use nonzero IDs but I found if I didn’t use zero I would eventually lose the prefix and pfsense wouldn’t recover.

    You could also add some rules to allow the relevant ICMPv6 packets through the firewall.

  • This is what i did and works perfect
    You should have the following WAN settings:
    IPV4: dhcp
    IPV6: dhcp6
    request prefix only
    /56 prefix
    do not wait for ra
    do not allow pd release
    You should have the following LAN settings:
    ipv4: static
    ipv6: track interface
    upstream gateway: none
    track ipv6 interface: WAN

  • The latest pfsense patch seems to have broken something. Can’t get an ipv6 address at all now. Don’t have time to debug it now but maybe in a few weeks I’ll look into it.

  • @eternalglue Works fine here no problems at all

  • The latest update works for me too. I'm on Rogers.

  • A reboot fixed it. Not sure what was going on, but an error in the system logs said something like “couldn’t allocate interface”. Wish I’d saved it now.