Empty radvd.conf

  • A couple of days before I reported about my difficulties enabling IPv6, which ran successfully before. Seen from the outside, unbound restarts frequently and the CPU load is rather high.

    Meanwhile I have captured the traffic between my DSL modem and the WAN interface. The PPP packets all seem to be OK, including the IPv6 ones, which are obviously triggered by a neighbor solicitation request of the LAN interface once I enable "track [wan] interface". I can identify all the necessary parameters, including the prefix length, prefix address, dns (recursive name) servers, etc.

    The next thing that happens is that radvd does not start successfully. I would assume that based on the received IPv6 parameters /var/etc/radvd.conf would more or less mirror these values. But the file is empty except for the message "# Automatically Generated, do not edit". The other services like unbound then have nothing to work with, I guess.

    Could it be that writing to radvd.conf is currently broken?

  • This post is deleted!

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