IPSec VTI pfSense 2.4.4 to pfsense 2.4.4

  • I have tunnels up, but no data is being passed
    I used
    local network: [network]
    remote network [address]

    I used the same on both sides. Is that correct, or should I make one address .1 and the other .2

    Both have interfaces (interfaces/assignments/add)
    Both have static routes, each using the assigned interface gateway.

    As I mentioned, Status/IPsec on both pfSense boxes indicates that the tunnels are 'established'. but when I try to ping from one side to the other, I get no reponse.

    I have an IPsec firewall rule that passes all IPV4 protocols.
    The doc mentions that firewall rule processing can be confusing.
    Do I need to create another IPsec firewall rule?

    Is there a step-by-step how-to on setting up VTI IPsec connections between a pair of pfSense boxes?


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