Failover functionality when using split-dns? & LAN Loadbalancing

  • Is there any failover functionality when using split-dns?

    Is it possible to do (internal) LAN loadbalancing / Failover? and How?

    I have read several post on Inbound load-balancing and Outbound NAT and VIP's and NAT-Reflection etc. but I can't seem to figure how reach my goal! Which is quite simple:

    I would like to load-balance inside my LAN and have some failover functionality. Just as it it's possible when doing it trough the WAN.



    What I have done so far is:

    1. I have setup a VIP of type CARP ( on my Pfsense (it's a VIP for my lan)
    2. I have NOT created any VIP for the NICs on my linux machines (am I supposed to do that?)
    3. I have created a and Outbound Rule Forward to traffic on a certain port to my above mentioned VIP
    4. I have created a loadbalancer pool listening on the above mentioned VIP to forward to my Apaches Servers

    5. It's not working  :'(

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