Load Balancing only routes via WAN1

  • Hi Gyus,

    Used this guide to set up load balancing over 2 WANs, but for some reason the traffic is still only pushed to WAN(1).

    Not sure what I did wrong, as everything looks as it should from what I can tell.

    Any pointers what I should be looking at?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'll need to provide quite a bit more information about what is configured on your specific setup. Seeing the tutorial you followed won't help because there is always the chance some other variation in your configuration is causing the issue.

    For example, tell us about what packages you have installed, show your gateways/gateway groups, firewall rules, explain how you are testing, and so on.

  • False alarm guys,

    Traffic is being routed correctly. Just had to wait a bit. Not sure why it wouldn't work right away.

    Just for future reference, whoever has this issue. The guide only shows how to route things from a standard single LAN.

    I have a management LAN and 48 VLANS set up. The Firewall rules for LoadBalancer and Failover will need to be set up for each VLAN you need to use the setup. Else, it will route to default gateway all the time.

  • @4pmtech 48 vlans....
    This is quite a lot of work, and essentialy error prone.
    Haven't tried it but maybe floating policy routing will suit you better.

    Just an idea.

  • That was really just a dirty hack to get them all up and running quickly because I had to replace the old failing network equipment (their entire network was still running on 10BASE-T). I will be looking to rework the setup when I have more time (Xmas is always busiest for us).

    Thanks for the idea though, will defo look into it.

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