DHCP / DHCP6 Disconnection issue

  • Background

    1. Comcast is my primary ISP for IPv4 and IPv6.
    2. AT&T Uverse is my Secondary ISP with only IPv4 enabled.
    3. I have a multi-wan setup with a failover from Comcast to ATT.


    1. pfSense Version 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1
    2. Block private networks and loopback addresses is enabled on the Comcast Interface
    3. Only Comcast is configured for IPv6.
    4. Comcast IPv6 Configuration
    • DHCP6
    • 64 DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size
    • Track Interface set to the Comcast Connection is set for the LAN connection


    1. When my Comcast connect drops, the failover works correctly - AT&T Uverse connection becomes primary until Comcast comes back up.
    2. When Comcast comes back up after a disconnection, however, it will not pull an IPv6 address unless I do a Release/Renew on the interface.
    3. If I put in the Reject leases from box on the Comcast Interface Page, then I WILL get an IPv6 address, but then the interface WILL NOT pull an IPv4 address until I do a Release/Renew.

    Any ideas?

  • On my Comcast Interface page, I've enabled the option: "Do not wait for a RA". This seems to accomplish what I want to do.

    Are there any ill effects I should be aware of?

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