TINC Restarting every few seconds

  • I've got two networks Site A and Site B.
    Both pfsense instances are the default gateways for each site.

    I will eventually be adding more hosts to this TINC mesh VPN network (hence why I'm using TINC, and not OpenVPN or IPSEC).

    Site A config:
    WAN: siteA.fqdn.org
    Lan IP:

    Site B config:
    WAN: siteB.fqdn.org
    Lan IP:

    The gateways can ping each other, but can't ping behind each other reliably ( can't ping for example). Some hosts work intermittantly, others fail with "ping: sendto: host is down". That may be beyond the scope of this question.

    The main issue I'm having is a random restart of the "tincd" process on Site A. The default logging level is too low to get anything useful. Even killing the process and starting it manually only gets a cryptic "Got TERM signal" with no indication of the signal source.

    Could it be some buried watchdog somewhere? Both hosts are running 2.4.4-1-RELEASE and tinc-1.0.35

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