• When I setup dual WAN with both WAN interfaces using DHCP, I can get outbound load balancing to work fine.  But as soon as I change one of the interfaces to a static IP and add the gateway under the Gateways tab of Routing, it stops working.  I also notice that I cannot remove a gateway from the Gateways tab.

    I am using 2.0-AA built on March 2

    I searched for related issues and didn't find any but if this is a repost I'm sorry for wasting your time.

  • I've been having a similar issue but it occurs even when trying to use a single WAN.  If the WAN uses dhcp everything works great.

    However, when I setup static and setup the same gateway that was assigned by dhcp no more traffic gets through.  I tried:
    -setting the WAN ip to the one given by dhcp and others I know are available
    -creating a new gateway from the WAN interface setup page
    -specifying the gateway as default
    -assigning the gateway to the dns servers (dropdown next to boxes for dns ip's)
    -using manual outbound NAT

    Once I stopped using dhcp the status->gateway page would always show the gateway as offline.  I've been meaning to download a new snapshot and try again but haven't had time yet.  I believe the snapshot I tested with was from 2/26/2009.