Captive Portal for Wi-Fi Access

  • I am trying to do the following and having some difficulty.

    1 . Client connects to Wi-Fi network and receives a DHCP lease from pfsense and pfsense is the default gateway/captive portal
    2. Client is presented a pfsense splash page with terms and conditions and then the client selects that they agree
    3. Client is redirected to external website where they have to register and enter in his or her information: first and last name, email address, etc. and then selects "Submit"
    5. The website then redirects them to a second website where the client selects “Connect to WiFi” and pfsense allows the client to connect to the Internet

    How do I ensure that when the client leaves the facility and they come back a few days later that they don't have to re-register their first and last name, email, etc? We just want them to be directed to the second website that says "Connect to Wi-Fi" because we already captured their information the first time they connected via Wi-Fi. Do I need to use vouchers or something? Also, I do not want to authenticate each client with a with a username or password.

    Any ideas?



  • @itmedic263 said in Captive Portal for Wi-Fi Access:

    Do I need to use vouchers or something?

    More something like sessions and/or Cookies.

    1.2 : and 1.3 : these two exist - see the pfSense doc.
    I tried to make it work using the examples present in the doc, but it's already outdated. You need so PHP code practice to make this work.

    1.3 : this is new, and has to be implement by you. More happy coding ;)

    Btw : do not think you can just ask people for their "first and last name, email address", you will collect a massif list with fake names, mails, etc. People don't like this anymore and it's considered as something from the past. It's more logic to ask money (paypal, whatever, or sell vouchers, works great if people come back x time later on and voucher is still valid).

  • Totally agree about the last, first name, etc.. I explained the same to the person that is asking for this.

  • Is there a way that the client is presented a pfsense splash page with terms and condition, the client selects that they agree, and then a voucher under the covers keeps them connect until the voucher expires? I don't want the client to have to enter in the voucher though


  • Hummm. No.
    How should pfSense know what voucher is used for what user, if nobody actually enters the voucher in the first place ?

  • No clue.

  • Thank you :>). Have a great day!!


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