• I would like to use pfSense as a firewall/router. I have my modem set to bridge mode and am using a USG to act as the router at present. It injects VLAN 10 to make it work with the PPOE VSDL connection.

    I am assuming that I need to setup VLAN 10 on the initial setup, and select vmx0.10 as the WAN interface and then once up set up the PPOE on the interface.

    Is this the correct method?


  • Since your modem does pppoe bridging, it uses vlan10 on the wan side to discriminate service for the provider. Once done that, the ppp frame will be bridged and flow over the ethernet interface. It may not keep the vlan tag and even if it does, if it is connected to pf via a dedicated interface it will work irrelevant of vlan tagging.
    Assign a compatible ip on the eth interface (so you can ping the modem from pf) and then assign a pppoe interface on the eth, with your isp credentials.

    Have a look at yout modem config and see if it specifies vlan id for the wan connection. If it does, then it is not needed to be configured elsewhere.

  • The VLAN tag in the modem does not work and does not get passed through. The modem is just a dumb bridge doing the demodulation. The Unifi USG at present must do the VLAN tagging or it does not work. pfSense will need to do the same thing otherwise it will not work either and the connection to my ISP will fail (or rather not even connect). There is no VLAN configured in the modem and when I did originally with the USG setup it did not work anyway.

  • @veldthui pf will tag it in thr exact same way then.
    No reason not to work