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  • First off I have pfsense 2.4.4p1 configured as a Hyper-V vm. I went through the initial configuration and I was able to go through the Initial configuration through the web GUI. I enabled the 2nd port I have configured on the so I could configure an External interface and once that port is enable I lose connectivity on the initial IP/port I configured. What could possibly be the issue?

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    You should initial Setup your pfSense with two or more interfaces, not only one (not really supported as far as I know).
    With two NICs the first is configured as WAN the second as your LAN.


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    When you bring up pfsense with only 1 interface it creates rules on "WAN" to allow your access. When you bring up another interface "LAN" rules on wan go to NONE, default deny only..

    So no you would not be able to access your wan IP any more from that side. If your on a vm and you need to access pfsense from the wan side, console in to pfsense via your vm software and edit the rules for wan to allow your access.

    Or just hit it from the LAN side via a VM on the lan that you can Console Too..

  • Thanks for the help. I just added the LAN nic to the same local network to get things configured.

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