LDAP on CLI Console

  • I have LDAP working fine via the WebUI but would like to extend it for the CLI. I have developers that need to sit on the box to debug output from the squid log. I want to let him login and "tail -f /var/squid/logs/access.log" all day without having to bug me. In this situation, dev access to the webUI is not possible due to security restrictions.

    Any hope?


  • Yes, we do that here. There is some manual work to be done, but see https://github.com/opoplawski/ansible-pfsense/tree/master/roles/pfsense_setup for basically how we do it. I think I still need to figure out how to start nslcd automatically after reboot. /etc/rc.conf.local I thought used to do it, but perhaps not anymore with 2.4.4.

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