Restore Question

  • I want to upgrade and i am considering a rollback worst case scenario in which i can only access from console. Is there a way to restore the config from console? I have backed up the config to my computer. I am currently running XG-7100 on 2.4.4.

  • The console has an option to restore from config files pfSense backed up on its own on the device. Worst case you should be able to reset to defaults, browse to and restore from there.

    Note restoring a config with packages will try to install the packages so it is a good idea to have a WAN connection when restoring, or perhaps remove the packages from the config file. I just ran into that restoring a config on a new (replacement) device with 2.4.3, and the packages installed PHP 7, so I had to upgrade to 2.4.4. Would have done that anyway, but PHP errors during boot and console are alarming.

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    In a scenario tied to only console access I would not going to Update.
    Better skip that and update when you have more Options like the default WebGUI.
    2.4.4 to 2.4.4-p1 should not be any problem but double bottom you know... ;-) If something goes terrible wrong you need local access anyway. I'd also keep some USB flash with preloaded 2.4.4-p1 handy...


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