Connect 2 wan 1 from 1 nic

  • I have installed pfsense on physical machine which has 2 nic so I am using one for wan and another one is for lan. Wan is connected with pppoe connection which is working fine but now I want to connect another pppoe connection and combine them with load balancing but I only have one nic. I was doing this easily when my pfsense is installed on VMware by bridging same nic twice but how can I do something similar in pfsense

  • One possibility would be to use VLANs and a managed switch to separate the 2 connections.

  • Can't pfSense handle this? I don't want to use any hardware since I'm already using PC as a router so if pfSense can't do this, I will install exsi on PC

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    Just add another PPP interface and choose your WAN NIC as the link interface, pretty simple. Do a bit of RTFM so you understand the basics:

    Edit: This of course works only if you have one physical line, if you have multiple physical lines (so multiple modems if you use DSL for example) you'll need a switch anyway.

  • @grimson Thanks, I do read manual but in this case I don't know where to start so I asked question here and yes I only have 1 physical line (at-least for now), I will add quad gigabit ethernet nic to my PC next month.

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