WAN_IP_address:port route to extrenal_ip:port routing help needed

  • Hi

    I used Linux RedHat manually configured firewall and used rinetd to forward port from lan to external ip.
    Now i started to use pfsense and having problems accomplishing the same.

    Problem description:
    I have 3 IPsec connections to different clients.
    I have to connect to server thru IPsec using ip:port (TCP)

    Using rinetd i added following configuration line: 10000 x.x.x.x 10000 was my Linux firewall internal nic ip address, same time i had IPsec connection up connecting to x.x.x.x
    Client on other side saw me connecting to his server using my firewall external IP what was connected thru IPsec

    Any ideas how to accomplish the same using pfsense?


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