Cannot browse to remote nnetwork

  • Hello Good people. Let me cut straight to it.
    Running pfsense on 2 Sg-1000's. One is the client and the other the server.
    I have established connection between the two via a shared key. I can ping from one network to the next in either direction. I can ssh from one to the other. There is an Any to Any rule in place over the OpenVPN interface. However when I try to hit a webserver or any other application I get nothing. It times out.
    I have tried what feels like everything but no luck. Can anyone help? Has anyone seem this phenomenon before? What am I missing here?

    Server network
    Client network
    Tun network (I even tried making it a /30 as I had seen inn a thread)

    Any guidance would be appreciated. Have some phones at the client side that needs to become active.

    Thanks in advance

  • Show both..

    Both side LAN firewall rules.

    Both side VPN firewall rules.

    Both sides "remote networks" from their VPN config pages..

    The tunnel network will work fine as a /30.

  • And don't forget to check hosts firewalls. Since you mention phones, check ip pbx permitted networks too.

  • See as requested
    Server OpenVPN Rules
    Server LAN rules
    Server Tunnel config

    Client LAN rules

    Client OpenVPN Rules

    Client Tunnel Config

  • @bevan said in Cannot browse to remote nnetwork:

    when I try to hit a webserver or any other application I get nothing

    Im going to guess that a firewall on the machine your trying to reach is getting you.

    Remember- anything outside of the subnet of a Windows machine is considered by it "public" and the public firewall rules will be enforced.

  • @chpalmer

    The machines in question are a linux box (firewall off) and grandstream phones. (cant connect to the phones web interface and the phones can't register to the pbx server (the linux box). Oh plus there is a synology NAS that can't be reached either. So no, no windows firewall or any other firewall.

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