DNS service or dns server

  • Hi,
    a very new to pfsense firewall.I installed and configured pfsense firewall on esxi host as vm with WAN port having static public IP and LAN port has static private ip(
    I configured dhcp server on LAN Port.(
    I need to install vmware vcenter virtual appliance on esxi host to configured with static ip ( on same subnet on which is our pfsense LAN network (just out of dhcp pool) so that they are on same LAN network.

    Now, I need a FQDN for private IP( of virtual appliance and I want to use pfsense firewall as dns server to create FQDN for private networks or addresses and resolve them.

    But I am not figuring out, how can I do this DNS configuration on pfsense.

    Please help.


  • Host overrides will report back whatever address you tell it to for any host & domain you want. Services - DNS Resolver - Host Overrides.

  • @kom how can i make sure that is working correct

  • By trying it, perhaps? I don't know what other answer you might be expecting.

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