SIP PBX behind PSsense firewall need advice on best solution.

  • I did STF on this issue and I became more and more confused with all of the potential options.
    Here is my issue I installed a Vertical Xcelerator IP and I want to use the IP phones outside of my network I thought this would be a simple task but it is not with SIP.
    I was told by Vertical that UDP/TCP port 5060 and UDP port range 35000 to 65000 needs forwarded and 1:1 NAT needs setup. I have no issue with the port forward but the 1:1 NAT stumps me I also have read that advanced outbound NAT may do the trick.
    And just an FYI I have a dynamic public IP that never changes I have had it for over 2 years I have read that 1:1 NAT does not work with dynamic IP's  now to make this more complex I would like to subscribe to a SIP provider for a SIP trunk and make this work after getting the external IP phone working external.

    Here is my network setup
    PFsence 1.2.2
    external 207.255.XXX.110/24
    Ip PBX

    If there is anyone that could advise me on the best solution to get my SIP out on the inernet I would greatly appreciate the help.

  • Hi everyone,

    I am not asking for my hand to be held I just need a push in the right direction. There has to be someone here that has this type of setup that could share thier knowlege.


  • Or, you could look in the packages forum at the 2 different solutions that have been discussed in there ;)

    FreePBX is one of them, which ISTR can be configured as a SIP proxy, which is probably what you want.

  • Okay thanks for the info I will go down the freeswitch road.  The acronym ISTR that you threw out there what is that? I STF and googled.

  • Funny, hit 2 on Google listed it ;)

    I Seem To Recall/emember

  • I was thinking tech…

  • I see a FreePBX is one of them, which ISTR can be configured as a SIP proxy, which is probably what we want..

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