Network interface mismatch -- Running interface assignment again

  • I cannot get past this on initial setup. I have two 1gb/10gb ports on INTEL X550AT2 Ethernet adapter. I have used auto port setup, and I have tried to manually set WAN->IX0 and LAN->IX1. No matter what I do I cannot get past this error. I am using PFSENSE 2.4.4, and the computer is HP DL380P G8 with (2) 8 core Xeon processors.
    I am stumped.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • I did just notice, I am also getting the following:
    Warning: Configuration references interfaces that do not exist: em0 em1.

    I am not sure where this is coming from or what to do to address. This is a brand new clean install. I have not imported anything at this point (haven't been able to get that far. :( )


  • Looks like a driver issue.
    As for naming. Ive seen 10g nics being renamed at boot time (at least on linux).
    There are fresh drivers for your nics
    Now. so many cores and a dl just for pf might be overkill
    Perhaps installing something like vmware or kvm will recognize the nics and then put pf on that, among other things..

  • Hi I am not by any means a competent Free BSD user. Would you mind explaining how I would install the updated drivers. I have a very powerful server because my goal is allow the PFSense firewall, which also serves as the firewall and router between all of the network segments of my house. When playing multiple streams of UHD video, I in many cases i need 10Gbps throughput, and that could grow. :)

    Is there a better choice for 10Gbps NICs for PFSense?

  • 10g traffic is way above ultrahd. (something near 80 mbit).
    In any case, if you have such requirements, 10g freebsd compatibility is the least of your concerns
    And unless your home is a production studio, I don't even see any reason to segment the uhd streams.
    A 10g (or maybe 40g) switch, talking to some media server and projectors? via fiber is all you need.
    Unless of course there is chance megatron, neo, or chuck norris to hack your bitstreams from inside the films.
    10 g routing, singlecast is pushing many things to the limit.
    As for the drivers, it is generally not recommended for beginners
    This looks like a generic guideline

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    What is the max bitrate of the UHD your streaming? How many streams do you plan on streaming concurrent? I concur with netblues 10g seems a over the top even you were talking 8k UHD video..

    I am really curious to where you got the idea that you would need 10g... Your going to be stream from what to what exactly?

  • And the power bill for such a server is not exactly negligible

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