Routing between LAN and VLAN subnets not working

  • I am trying to setup a nested ESXi 6.7 environment for an upcoming re-certification exam. So I have a physical esx host with multiple VM's on it. I have a pfsense VM acting as a router with the WAN and LAN interfaces. I have multiple vlan interfaces configured "vmx1.<vlan number>" with vmx0 being the WAN interface which has a public IP and also an upstream gw assigned to it.

    WAN to LAN, LAN to WAN traffic works as expected but LAN to VLAN pings timeout. I have a Windows VM on the LAN network and I can ping all the VLAN L3 IP's fine but no other VLAN IP's belonging to VMs. I originally thought that I screwed the vSwitch settings but the traceroutes from the Windows VM show the trace going out the WAN interface as the next hop and not the VLAN L3 IP which exists on the local interface.

    I have set any any any rules between the LAN and VLAN's. Any assistance appreciated.

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