Virtual IP Possible Issue?

  • Hello Folks,

    I have a VPS setup with pfSense and I was given 1 IPv4 and a /64 IPv6 Block.
    My problem is that If I setup a VIP[2604:XXX:X:XXX::123] as {IP Alias or Proxy ARP, or Other} it does not work until I change my WANs IP From [2604:XXX:X:XXX::1] to be this VIP[2604:XXX:X:XXX::123] and then switch it back to [2604:XXX:X:XXX::1]
    It works beautiful for a few hours.

    I created a Network Bridge and any LAN Members are able to assign any Static IPv6 from my subnet and it is accessible remotely(ping Gateway etc...) , Its just VIPs that don't work.

    Pinging gateways from a VIP that this trick has not been done does not respond back, however VIPs that this trick has done Im able to ping Gateway, Internet ... ETC...

    Thinking maybe pfSense is not doing any Link Discovery like NDP or any link layer discovery causing upstream router not to know who to route the packets to.

    I double checked with my host and unfortunately they don't route all IPv6 to my NIC, but it can be used( tried it with a bridged interface, I can cherry pick any IP i wish and would be able to ping GW)

    I saw this package LADVD, set it up and it did not work.

    What can I possibly be doing wrong?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    You cannot use Proxy ARP for IPv6 because IPv6 does not use ARP.

    You'll have to use IP Alias.

    Any IPv6 on inside interfaces should be provisioned using an interface network and a routed prefix to you. Like a /48, /56 or /60.

    It sounds like you are trying to shoehorn a VPS service designed to run something like a cPanel or Plesk system into use with a router.

    You're going to meet with undesirable results in all likelihood.

    No. LADVD is something entirely different.

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