SOLUTION: ATT UVerse Slow Throughput Fix

  • Just by chance I noticed that my ATT UVerse Fiber download speed was now only 50mb down and 300ish up which was a surprise because I have tested it often since I got ATT and the Netgate SG-4860 and I was used to regularly seeing speeds 850-950 down and 950 up even though I was behind pfSense.

    My setup is a cable from ATT box to Netgate WAN port and then a cable from Netgate LAN port to a TP-Link Gigabit switch with pfSense as DHCP. In other words, very, very simple.

    After much investigation about pfSense, Netgate, ATT, networking...none of which counts as productive work for me personally...I found that the problem was not pfSense 2.4.4 but in fact the ATT box.

    SOLUTION: I disabled DMZPlus mode and let the pfSense router just get an assigned IP from ATT box then changed the pfSense device to be on subnet then adjusted DHCP to assign addresses behind 192.168.2.x and BAM like magic all devices behind pfSense are getting the full bandwidth. Yes we have double NAT but, oh well.

    Hopefully this helps other poor souls to not waste hours and hours of their time and enjoy the bandwidth they are paying for.

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