Can't reach internet

  • I've installed Pfsense on Xenserver with all the defaults. Dhcp for Wan and DHCP server enabled. Ii can ping Google from the interface but my laptop can't reach the internet or ping my Nas. I've disabled all lan firewall settings and still getting no where. What am I missing?? I've done the same install on bare metal hardware and same results. It's connecting straight from a hitron modem from carrytel. So modem to Pfsense to laptop, nothing in between.

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    @zander7990 said in Can't reach internet:

    but my laptop can't reach the internet or ping my Nas.

    Where is your NAS?

    You have given us nothing to work with here.. Other than its broke..

    Is your wan public or private IP on pfsense... What is your lan network.. Assume you left it default - does it overlap with your wan network?

    How are you managing pfsense - through your VM console?

    Lets start with basics... Install to bare metal.. Can you get to the pfsense webgui? Lets get that far and then see where your going wrong... I can tell you for sure removing rules off your lan isn't going to fix anything..

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