Problem with ISP connectivity

  • I'm running pfsense on an ESXi host connected via a simple switch to an ONT. The service has several static IPs, the switch goes to other routers. Initially I ran pfsense behind another router to test features and configuration and everything was fine. The problem started when I moved the WAN interface to the ONT connected switch. Pfsense works for 15-30 minutes- the exact time is always different- and loses the connectivity. When I trace the WAN packets I see ICMP from pfsense, but no response from the ISP router. As soon as I clear the ARP entry for the ISP router, the connectivity is restored for another 15-30 minutes. I tried to spin up another instance of pfsense and opnsense- both of them had the same issue. An Owncloud appliance and an Ubuntu VM on the same ESXi hosts work normally. Other routers connected to the same switch also work. They are pingable from the pfsense, the problem affects only the ISP connection.
    It seems that the ISP router is losing the ARP entry for the pfsense and doesn't re learn it until ARP comes from the pfsense. I can't blame the ISP- all other routers or devices work well. My home connection is from the same ISP with the same type of the ONT, but with a single dynamic IP. The pfsense at home is perfect.
    Please give me some ideas what else to try.

  • I think I know what it is- proxy ARP on another router causes this problem. Testing it now. I still don't understand why it affects only pfsense.

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