Loving pfSense in my vSphere environment, but...high CPU...

  • I have pfSense (latest version) running as a virtual machine in my vSphere environment supporting my internet connection to my lab environment. Pretty simple installation, a few rules, 5 NAT rules, 4 VLANS and 2 LANS ( one of which is the parent for the 4 VLANS).

    I have some issues with high CPU usage in the VM guest. This host is only a low end i3 processor I know, but it's the anomaly between VM guest cpu usage and what pfSense reports internally.
    ESXi Host details

    VM guest details

    pfSense Summary

    pfSense system details

    Below is Top ( pardon the pun)
    The second task is the openvpn task I assume as I'm currently logged into it...


  • Surely someone at pfSense must know the solution to this issue...

    A simple google search suggests I’m certainly not the only person who is suffering this issue!