Will this work for setup?

  • Currently have a Unifi USG acting as my firewall/router and am expecting my pfSense box shortly. I want to get it set up and working before swapping the USG out so plan to do the following if it works.
    The USG WAN is connected to my ISP on a 203.x.x.x network. My LAN is set up as a with the USG ip as
    I want to set the pfSense box to have the same ip so I don't have to go altering all my other servers and such for the gateway addresses.
    To do this I will be using the USG LAN2 port set as so the pfSense box will grab an ip of for its WAN. I am hoping that because the new box is behind the network that the address will not clash with the USG's address and I can get it all set up before swapping out the USG and letting pfSense do all the work.

    Will this work okay or will the IP address clash?


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    You do double NAT but for a temp. Setup for testing this should work.
    Why don‘t you prepare the pfSense with the final Settings (WAN Config, Firewall Rules, ...) any just swap the boxes?


  • Thanks, yes I know it will be double NAT'ed but it should only be for a short time.
    I was going to set it up before hand and just swap it out but need internet to download packages and I think the setup to the WAN is not going to be easy as it needs a PPoE connection and also a VLAN10 so want to have the rest of the setup done before I need to sort out this part. I may be surprised and the WAN connection goes great but if it doesn't and takes a while then the rest of the house/servers is without internet connection for longer.

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