Configure outbound NAT to automatically get the public IPs from a pool to access internet

  • I have a setup in which /23 private subnet need to communicate with internet. So i need to configure /29 public segment to NAT /24 Public Segment. I have chosen Outbound NAT.
    Please clarify my doubt that
    Will the private IPs randomly select an IP from /29 public segment connect the internet?What if 50 host want to access internet but the available public IP is 8 ! So do we need /23 public IPs ?

  • For concurrent outgoing TCP or UDP connections pfSense uses different ports on a single public IP. So it's possible that all of your devices out of the /23 net have outgoing connections concurrently.

    However, you may configure the outbound NAT to randomly select an IP out of a stated subnet or in Round Robin mode.

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