dhcp dyndns intergration with samba dns

  • Hello,

    My pfSense version 2.4.4-RELEASE-p1.

    I've filled all the advanced settings under Services -> DHCP Server -> Dynamic DNS to the best of my knowledge but my (pretty old) Samba 4.0.9 DNS fails to update with new host names.

    The previous DHCP service I'm migrating from utilises a script based on this:


    so in /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf I have:

    on commit {
            execute("/etc/dhcp/ddns.sh", "add", ClientIP, ClientMac, ClientName);
    on release {
            execute("/etc/dhcp/ddns.sh", "delete", ClientIP, ClientMac);
    on expiry {
            execute("/etc/dhcp/ddns.sh", "delete", ClientIP, "0");

    Is there a way to somehow incorporate this into pfSense DHCP Server?

    Any reasonably secure alternatives?

    Eventually I'm going to update Samba too, maybe even attempt to make it use pfSense DNS (although had issues with external DNS with Samba in the past).


  • I've given it another try today and got all aspects of DHCP working as expected except for DDNS integration.

    When I add pfSense firewall to authorized DHCP servers via AD tool I get:

    Cannot find the DHCP Server:
    The DHCP server you specified cannot be located. The DHCP server might be down, there might be a network problem, or the DHCP service might not be installed.
    The Error was: The DHCP Server service is not running on target computer.

    It's also not clear to me what "DNS Domain Key name" is supposed to be and what exactly it should be matched against.

    Has anybody got it working or can point me to a good guide?

  • It looks like there is no way to integrate without Kerberos authentication:


    Unless somebody can share a successful story.

    Are there any plans to expand Dynamic DNS section in pfSense DHCP settings to support it?

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